UAE Amnesty Programme

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC), UAE has announced the amnesty programme for illegal residents to modify their visa status or to leave UAE without facing any legal actions. This programme commenced on August 1st and which will run up to October 31st. As per the amnesty programme, overstaying residents have the option to exit the country without paying any fine or facing any ban and legalize their visa status with a valid new-sponsored visa. This programme will cover violations before 1st of August 2018 only.

Amnesty programme is applicable to:

  • Persons residing in UAE illegally by violating the visa rule can seek protection under amnesty rule which will grant them a grace period whereby they can validate their visa status or to leave UAE without any legal action.
  • Persons overstayed in UAE who are in-search of job are granted a self-sponsored six months visa to search for jobs if they entered UAE in a valid visa. If they are unable to find a job within six months will have to leave UAE. They can come back to UAE with a new visa since there is no entry ban. Persons who are already with a job offer can immediately change their visa status to residency visa during amnesty programme.
  • Persons who entered UAE illegally can exit UAE through amnesty programme with two (2) years ban.
  • Persons with absconding reports who are currently residing in UAE can get relief from amnesty rules. Absconding report will be cancelled which was filed before July 31st. Black listed workers and having legal cases against them are exempted from seeking amnesty programme.
  • Residence from war torn countries whose visa expired and staying illegally in UAE can avail shelter from amnesty. They will be granted with one year residence visa in UAE without any fine.
  • Widows and divorced women can extend their visa for one year along with their children without a need of a sponsor.

The following fee will be applicable:

  • To exit the country: AED 220
  • To change the visa status: AED 500

Documents to be produced:

  • Original Passport or Emergency Certificate
  • An Air ticket to the respective destination

Residents without passport should provide medical report or a letter from respective Embassy or Consulate. Individuals have to exit the country within 10 days after getting the exit pass.

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