Laws Relating to Protection of Working Womens in the UAE

Under the UAE Labor Law, there are certain provisions relating to protection of working women in the UAE. It is necessary to know every working women, their rights to avoid exploitation at work place. Below are the provisions in regards to protection of working women in the UAE.

1) Work Timing- Article 27:

As per the above Article 27 of the UAE labor law. No women shall be required to work at night. The word night referred to the period not less than 11 (eleven) successive hours including 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM. There are certain exceptions to the mentioned clause as below:

Article 28:

  1. If the work in the firm is interrupted by a Force Majeure
  2. If the position is of executive, managerial and technical staff.
  3. If the women are working in health services or other services as may be decided by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, if the female worker is not normally engaged in annual work.

2) Safety measures at the work place- Article 29:

Article 29 of the UAE labor law states that no women worker shall be employed on any such job that is hazardous or physically or morally detrimental to them.

It is the duty and responsibility of the employer to provide required basic facilities at the work
place. As per the UAE labor law, safety of the women workers must be taken into consideration.

3) Maternity Benefit – Article 30

Article 30 of the UAE labor laws states that a female worker is entitled to maternity leave for a period of 45 days which includes both pre and post-natal periods. To avail such benefits she must complete one year of her continuous service in the company. If she has not completed her continuous one year of employment service, she is entitled maternity leave with half pay.

If she finds to be continuous ill even after 45 days leave, which prevent her from resuming her duty, she may be absent form work without pay for a period of 100 consecutive or non-consecutive days. This must be proved by a medical certificate issued by the competent health authority. This leave shall not be deducted from other period of leave which she is entitled for.

Article 31 of the UAE labor law entitles a female worker to nurse her child for a period of 18 months followed by her delivery. For this purpose she is entitled for 2 additional breaks each day neither of which shall not exceed half an hour. These 2 additional breaks shall be considered as part of working hours and shall not entail any reduction of wage.

Article 32 provides that if a women performs the same work as of a male worker then the wage shall be equally paid to her as of the male worker.

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