Important Announcement about Fraudulent Emails and Internet Spam

Dear Clients/Users of “Abdulhakim Binherz Advocates and Legal Consultants” Website

Recently, there have been several spam emails fraudulently portraying that the emails were sent by the “Emirates National Schools” with an attachment in regards to a job offer letter in their institution where our firm name is mentioned to contact for the several documentation with amounts mentioned.

The details are mentioned on the letter is fake and they are not belongs to our law firm. Our contact details are clearly mentioned on our website and only those details are genuine.

If you receive such emails and that is not from a sender you recognize and/or does not seem legitimate to you, DO NOT click on any links or open any documents/attachments. If you ever receive an email allegedly from “Abdulhakim Binherz Advocates and Legal Consultants” of which the content is questionable, you should NOT RESPOND to it and notify us immediately.

Once again, we request you to be cautious and to ignore such emails and refrain from responding to them or commit yourself to any financial transaction.

Abdulhakim Binherz
Abdulhakim Binherz Advocates and Legal Consultants

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