Extension of UAE Amnesty Programme

The UAE Government introduced the Amnesty Programme for the illegal residents and visa violators. This is part of the “Protect Yourself by Modifying Your Status” initiative. Visa violators are making use of this initiative and clearing their status. UAE Government started this initiative in the month of August which was there until October initially. We have already published an article in this regard in our website  and the link – UAE Amnesty Programme

Now there is a good news for Amnesty seekers in UAE. UAE government extended the amnesty programme until 30 th November 2018. Illegal residents now can seek shelter under this extension and change legalize their status accordingly.

UAE Amnesty programme is further extended to 31st December 2018 since the amnesty centers received number of calls to extend this programme. This will give enough time for the illegal residents to prepare the documentations required to avail this programme. We Abdulhakim Binherz Advocates and Legal Consultants request all illegal residents to make use of this programme and legalize their status in UAE.

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